Why Interprise?

Interprise is the Solution You are Looking for

More Data

You have the issue of having to regularly archive data or clear historical data because of the file limitations of other products

You get data corruption and have to pay and wait to get it fixed. Reports and forms opening is slow.

5+ Users

You need software that can cope with more users.

Separate CRM

You have two separate pieces of software with a different look and feel, different databases that have synchronisation issues, then if you upgrade the accounts system you find the CRM links don’t work anymore.

Having to go to separate companies for support can be a major problem when there is a problem.

Access Anywhere

You would like to be able to access the system from outside the office, at home, reps on the road, from different branches.

Maybe even your accountant may want to access the system from their office.

Increase Productivity

There are many functionality / feature improvements that start to add up to a big efficiency gain making you more profitable and able to grow without just increasing head count.

Custom Requirements

You want to have some amendments or tweeks to the system to help work how you want to work or be more efficient.

eCommerce Integration

You want to have a B2C or B2B website so when your customer logs in they get live their statement of account, frequently ordered items, quotes, orders whether entered on the web site or in Interprise, case tickets, RMAs etc. Also have the option for special pricing.

Value for Money

You think Mid market products like Sage 200, SAP B1 etc. are too expensive and offer bad value for money.

Sales Order Demo

Example Optional Plugins

Paperless Supplier Bills

- No cost for consumables ink and paper printing bills.

- You don’t have to spend time filing, storing or shredding supplier bills.

- access the documents anywhere so no searching for the bill or losing the paper copy.

- It is easier and quicker to process Supplier Bills. Improve efficiency and accuracy. OCR Parser Supplier Templates technology saves time entering bills and errors keying data.

Carrier Integration

- Business Rules can automatically route the order to the best service, weight, value of order, shipping method / carrier.

- Scanning the Pick Note at confirm pick, into e.g.Shiptheory desktop software, can print the
carrier label based on rules.

Computer Telephony Integration

- Dial number from Entity records.

- Screen pop incoming calls and open Entity record, Case, Quote or Order to Answer the call.

Interprise University

Interprise Knowledgebase

Customer Comments

Working with Interprise with regards to support is very simple, we have
always had them on hand to resolve any queries we might have, the
service we get from them is 1st class, the telephone support is fast and
always with a resolution, the team are always pleasant, friendly and
easy to talk to.

We would recommend Interprise and we have done on many occasions. All they need to do now is get their name known more in the market place and I think they will be as big as Sage.

Working with everyone at Interprise suite has been a positive experience and they are always happy to help us out with various requests no matter how small. Their phone support has been excellent and prompt.
Would be happy to recommend them as a reliable Team.

ICAEW Accredited (2007)